Table of Contents

For more info about the table of contents read the first post.

1. VALUE contrast
Stage 1
– Stage 2

2. SATURATION contrast

3. V(alue)+S(aturation)

4. “EVERYTHING IS A MIRROR”, and basics of light
– Specular light/shadow
– Diffuse light/shadow
– “Ground light”
– Kinks and Borders

5. Value/Saturation–based LIGHTNING


7. V+S+H(ue)

8. NCS (Natural Color System)


9. THE FUTURE. Here, I may add additional sections about DESIGN. This is still quite far away, so I’ll leave it cloudy for the time being. If I ever complete the previous sections, we’ll then unlock this part 😉 Yes, we unlock it, exactly like a new level in a videogame. Same goes for DRAWING.

This index should be overtime expanded to include the exercises and experiments that I complete.


  • One: Focus on one thing at a time, removing as much as possible every extra that adds complexity.
  • Two: Build on top of previous knowledge.
  • Three: Use the Minimum Effective Dose (do the minimum that yields the maximum results). I hate to do more work than necessary.
  • Four: Do small simple things. I don’t like complications. And I am impatient: I want results fast.

Why do I do it:

  • Obviously, to measure and log my advance.
  • Secondly to, with time, create content that may be helpful for others.
  • Bonus reason: To create fruitful relationships with you people (and of course to have fun).

WARNING: For the time being I’m gonna be using photoshop. No traditional painting!


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